Vitam Aeternam joins the Eindhoven line-up

Who here remembers Devil Doll? You know, the highly influential, dark, theatrical, Italian/Slovenian Prog band from the late-80s/early-90s led by the mysterious Mr. Doctor?

That brings us to Vitam Aeternam. Founded in 2019 by three strangers, Jake Rosenberg (Desperate Machines, In Progress), André Aaslie (Funeral, Omnia Moritur, Abyssic, Profane Burial), and Râhoola (A Flying Fish), living in three different countries, all bonded by their love of Devil Doll. Their mission? Capture the elements they love about Devil Doll’s sound and create something brand new that pushes the limits of dark, emotional, experimental, and theatrical music.

In 2023, worlds will collide and history will be made. Vitam Aeternam and members of Devil Doll will share the stage in a once in a lifetime performance at Prognosis. Bor Zuljan (guitar), Janez Hace (bass), and Sasha Olenjuk (violin) will add a new element to Vitam Aeternam’s live show, elevating it to levels never thought possible.

If you are a Devil Doll fan, this performance could be your one, only, and last opportunity to see these musicians play this style of music on stage together. This is the closest thing you will get to a live Devil Doll performance. If you have never heard of Devil Doll, this will be a special set that should appeal to fans of Leprous, Ulver, Mr. Bungle, Devin Townsend, Danny Elfman. Do not miss this momentous event.